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Imagine reading a company’s latest 10-K/10-Q, investor presentation, earnings call transcript, and media coverage in 15 minutes. That’s exactly what we give our readers. As a subscriber, you’ll gain salient insights into the fundamentals and key storylines behind a company — without having to do the heavylifting.

Our reports aren’t stuffed with technical jargon or mind-numbing, dull analysis. We value your time, so we’ve meticulously formatted our reports to be concise and easy to digest.

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Due Diligence is the difference between a sound investment and buyer’s remorse.

We can’t control what you do with your money — but we can help you become an informed, logical investor instead of an impulsive gambler.

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Like playing roulette and blackjack, gambling your money can pay off — but it can also empty your pockets.

Investing apps make trading too easy. With a few swipes and taps, you can make huge financial decisions with long-lasting repercussions. We’re encouraged to see more people entering the stock market, but we’re equally concerned that too many people blindly invest.

We created Due Diligence to help solve this problem. We want to help people understand the companies behind the stock symbols they’re trading.

Who reads Due Diligence?

Our readers want to understand their investments — but they might not have the time or desire to perform adequate upfront research. They want to build wealth and achieve financial stability the right way, instead of gambling. They want to be confident in their portfolios, not anxiously wondering if they made a mistake.

Does that sound like you?

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Carter Kilmann
Corporate banking drone turned freelance writer and editor. I leverage my experience as a financial analyst to provide stock due diligence via the Due Diligence newsletter.